Results of the 1st German qualification


Today, I want to post the (Berlin) results of the first German qualification races last Saturday, at April 9th, in Duisburg.

Again, there were two different modi for the sprinters and 1000m-paddlers. Latters had to race 250m and 2000m and the sprinters 100m and 250m. But each distance twice. About the short ditances 100m and 250m the best place of both runs were counted and on the 2000m the sum of both times linked to the position.
Unfortunately, I wasn't there by my own. So I have to give you the result schedule.

250m: In the first race had Jonas Ems (Essen) the best time in front of Martin Roßdeutscher (Dresden) and Paul Mittelstedt (Neubrandenburg). Fourth was Norman Bröckl from my club RKV Berlin. Furthermore, my other club mates had good results. Kostja Stroinski was 6th and Marcus Groß 8th. Robert Gleinert was 14th and Hendrik Bertz 21st.
In the second run won Ronald Rauhe (Potsdam - former RKV Berlin) in front of the equal-timed Martin Roßdeutscher and Jonas Ems. Robert and Hendrik could improve their positions and finished in 10th and 13th.

100m: Jonas Ems won the first race here, too, in front of Ronny Rauhe ans Martin Roßdeutscher. Robert Gleinert was 14th and Kostja Stroinksi 20th. Nevertheless, both could perform better in the second run. So Kostja had a great 5th place and Robert 10th. Ronny Rauhe won the second run in front of Ries and Roßdeutsche. Jonas Ems did not take part in the second run after his first place in the first one.

2000m: On the 2000m did Max Hoff (Essen - former Cologne) a great job - 15 and 20 seconds advantage of the next paddlers in each run. Both second were Torben Fröse (Essen). In total, both are at the top of the 2000m total ranking. 3rd was Paul Mittelstedt.
Our Berlin guy Marcus Groß finished 6th and Norman Bröckl 7th. Moreover, was Robert Gleinert 12th, Hendrik Bertz 17th and Kostja Stroinski 19th.

In conclusion, the Berlin guys have good opportunities for the second qualification at 30.4.-01.5. to qualify for the Worldcup season.

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